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The EC360® BRONZE series presents the beginners variant of high-performance thermal pads, which are on eye-level with premium thermal pastes. The pads have a high thermal conductivity of 8 W/mK and are suitable for a variety of applications.

Possible applications include GPUs, RAM chips and other electrical components. They perform particularly well for water cooling systems, as the pads have a putty like consistency, which means that they will deform and adapt permanently to the surface they are applied to and will not spring back into their original shape. The slight adhesion of the pads allows for easy positioning.

It is the perfect solution for heat-transfer in adverse surface conditions when the use of thermal paste is unsuitable.

Handling is particularly safe, as the pads are electrically isolating and there is no risk of short-circuiting. Additionally, they can easily be cut using a scissor, which allows trimming pads to the perfect size for any surface.


Types and Configurations

ThicknessAvailable sizes
0.5 mm / 0.02 inches50x50 mm, 100x100 mm, 200x200 mm
1.0 mm / 0.04 inches50x50 mm, 100x100 mm, 200x200 mm
1.5 mm / 0.06 inches50x50 mm, 100x100 mm, 200x200 mm
2.0 mm / 0.08 inches50x50 mm, 100x100 mm, 200x200 mm
2.5 mm / 0.10 inches50x50 mm, 100x100 mm, 200x200 mm
3.0 mm / 0.12 inches50x50 mm, 100x100 mm, 200x200 mm

Technical Properties

PropertiesUnitValueTest method
Thermal ConductivityW/mk8ASTM D 5470
Specific Gravityg / cm^3 2.0ASTM D 792
HardnessShore C20ASTM D 2240
Tensile Strengthpsi482ASTM D 412
Volume ImpedanceOhm-cm2.9 x 10¹°ASTM D 257
Breakdown VoltagekV/mm6ASTM D 149
Usable Temperatures °C-40 - 220EN 244
Flame Rating-VOUL 94


EC360® BRONZE 50x50MM

EC360® BRONZE 100x100MM