What is the difference between thermal pad, thermal paste and thermal adhesive?

Thermal Pads

Thermal pads are products used for heat dissipation. The thermal pads are sandwiched between two components and allow heat to be transferred between them. Thermal pads usually consist of a thermally conductive but pressure-resistant layer of silicone or other thermally conductive material that is clamped between two surfaces.

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Thermal Paste

Thermal paste is used to improve heat transfer between a component and a heat dissipation surface. The primary function of thermal paste is to fill microscopic imperfections in the surface structure, replacing trapped heat-insulating air with highly thermally conductive material to improve heat dissipation. It usually consists of a mixture of silicone oil and metal particles that act as heat conductors.

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Thermal Adhesive

Thermal conductive adhesive is used to attach equipment to a heat dissipation surface. Thermal conductive adhesive consists of a thermally conductive material that is bonded between two components to improve heat transfer.

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