What is Thermal paste?

What is thermal paste?

Thermal paste is a conductive paste used to improve heat transfer between two surfaces to create a thermal bond between them. This transfers thermal energy from one surface to another.

What do you need thermal paste for?

Thermal paste is used to transfer heat from a heat source, such as a computer CPU or graphics card, to a cooling system, such as a CPU fan or heat sink.
Thermal paste significantly improves the heat transfer between the two components, as the paste increases the heat transfer between the components.
This results in better cooling and prevents the components from overheating.
This is particularly useful for conducting heat from an electronic component heat sink to a cooling fin.

What are the advantages of thermal paste?

1. Improves heat dissipation: Thermal paste improves heat dissipation between two surfaces and enables more efficient heat dissipation.
2. Reduces the risk of short circuits: Thermal paste prevents short circuits by creating a barrier between components.
3. Maximum performance: The use of thermal paste enables more efficient heat dissipation and increases performance.