EC360® GRAPHITE-2 introduces highly conductive thermal pads made from natural graphite, the ideal alternative to high-end thermal pastes. The graphite layer is ultra thin with a thickness of just 0.05 mm Paired with an unmatched thermal conductivity of 450 W/mK on the X-Y axis and 20 W/mK on the Z axis, it makes it the perfect thermal interface material.

While thermal paste requires a lot of practice for applying the correct amount and spreading it evenly, installing a graphite sheet is easy. It comes thinner than any thermal paste can be spread and at the same time is more conductive, just place it and install the heatsink.

Furthermore, it is highly durable, as it does not contain any liquids it virtually lasts forever. It can not dry out, does not need to be reapplied and will not degrade over time. Additionally it does not leave a messy surface, is easy to remove and can even be reused.

Please note, while it is safe to apply, it must be handled with caution. As graphite is electrically conductive, take special care that it does not get in contact with electric components and avoid short-circuits. The graphite sheet can be conveniently cut using a scissor, which allows trimming to the perfect size for any surface.


Types and Configurations

ThicknessAvailable sizes
0.05 mm / 0.002 inches30x30 mm, 40x40 mm, 100x100 mm

Technical Properties

PropertiesUnitValueTest method
Thermal Conductivity (X-Y)W/mk450.0ASTM D 5470
Thermal Conductivity (Z)W/mk20.0ASTM D 5470
Thermal Resistance°C-in2/W0.08ASTM D5470
Specific Gravityg / cm³1.5ASTM D 792
HardnessShore A85ASTM D 2240
Tensile Strengthpsi650ASTM D 412
Conductivity (Electrolytic)s/cm19000ASTM D 257
Usable Temperatures °C-40 - 400-
Flame Rating-V0UL 94