A general rule for thermal adhesive is that it either has good adhesion properties or conducts heat well. The EC360® TAPE STRONG series has its focus on adhesion.

Excellent adhesion properties make it the perfect choice for particularly difficult applications, like glueing thermal pads and even heavy heatsinks. Anything can be attached in a safe and durable way.

Handling is particularly safe, as the pads are electrically isolating. At the same time, at 1.2 W/mK it has the best possible thermal conductivity.

The thermal adhesive is double-sided and both sides covered with a protective layer, that can be removed upon installation. It can be easily cut using a scissor, which allows trimming it to the perfect size for any surface.


Types and Configuration

ThicknessAvailable sizes
0.15 mm / 0.007 inches50x50 mm, 100x100 mm, 200x200 mm

Technical Properties

PropertiesUnitValueTest method
Thermal ConductivityW/mk1.2ASTM D 5470
Adhesiong/25mm48000ASTM D 1000
Peel Adhesion StrengthN/25mm> 14PSTC-101
Breakdown VoltagekV/mm3.0ASTM D 149
Usable Temperatures °C-40 - 120EN 344