Robust and Reliable: Thermal Pads with Polyimide coating

Thermal pads with a polyimide coating are special thermal materials that are used to transfer heat in electronic devices. Polyimides are versatile materials due to their chemical resistance and heat resistance. They are soluble in many solvents and are therefore well suited as coating agents. They are used in electrical engineering due to their insulating properties and heat resistance.
The mechanical strength of polyimide parts is optimized by various sintering techniques, which means that they remain stable even at high temperatures. Polyimide fibers exhibit high thermal stability and low flammability.

Areas of application

The areas of application are diverse: they are used, for example, in computers, laptops, smartphones, LED lights, solar cells and other electronic devices to ensure effective cooling and heat regulation. They are also used, for example, in aircraft technology to save weight.
Optimal heat dissipation protects components from overheating, which extends the service life of the devices and increases their performance.

Advantages and disadvantages

Thermal pads with a polyimide coating offer numerous advantages, including high temperature resistance, good chemical resistance, efficient heat dissipation and a long service life. They are also easy to install and can be used in demanding environments. The disadvantages may include higher acquisition costs compared to conventional thermal conductive materials and possible limitations in extreme temperatures or aggressive chemical substances.

An innovative solution for your individual application

Our polyimide coating is an intelligent solution for efficient heat dissipation in electronic devices. Thanks to their robust coating, good thermal conductivity and wide range of applications, they are a good choice for companies that need reliable and efficient cooling for their devices.

We can produce almost all thermal pads in our range with our special polymide coating on request.

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