Thermal pads with TI coating: Particularly robust and ideal for applications with mechanical stress

In certain applications where conventional thermal pads prove challenging to use, a solution is needed to ensure optimal performance. Issues such as narrow spacing, mechanical stress, and dusty environments can all negatively impact the functionality of thermal pads. To counteract these problems, there is now an innovative solution.

Thermal Pads with TI-Layer

Thermal pads can be provided with the innovative TI layer on both sides. This layer, made from a combination of metal oxide, silicone, and glass fibers, offers a range of benefits for challenging applications.

Extra Strong

One significant advantage of TI-coated thermal pads is its exceptional durability. Thanks to the incorporation of glass fibers, this thermal pad is incredibly robust, capable of withstanding impacts that would typically damage conventional pads. Consequently, it is perfectly suited for applications subjected to mechanical stress, where repetitive impacts or intense pressure are the norm.
Furthermore, these thermal pads excel in tear resistance, providing a considerable advantage, particularly for thin pads. The increased resistance to tearing ensures that the pads retain their integrity even under significant strain, extending their lifespan and enhancing their overall performance.

Special surface

The smooth and non-sticky surface of the Thermal Insulation Sheet is another distinguishing feature. This characteristic allows for easy movement and alignment during installation, simplifying what can often be a tedious process. Alignment is crucial in achieving optimal heat conduction, and this smooth surface facilitates accurate placement.

Additionally, the non-stick surface prevents dirt and dust from adhering to the pad over time. In dusty environments or applications where a completely clean environment is not practicable, this feature ensures that the thermal conductivity remains uncompromised. The absence of dirt build-up also reduces the need for frequent maintenance, making it ideal for applications where regular upkeep is difficult.

A Powerful Solution for Demanding Applications

Our TI coating, which makes thermal pads extremely robust, is the answer for challenging applications. Whether it be tight spaces, mechanical stress, or dirty environments, this layer offers a reliable solution to ensure efficient heat transfer.

We can manufacture almost all thermal pads in our range with our special TI coating for you on request.

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